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EU QUALITY in the person of INDIVIDUAL ENTREPRENEUR  Andrew Horoshun, which is registered in the established valid legislation – to the Unified State Register legal persons, individuals entrepreneurs, and public formations ( further Executor ), on the one hand, and any person who accepted ( accepted ) the given proposal ( hereinafter referred to as the Customer ), on the other hand ( hereinafter collectively referred to as the Parties, and each separately Party), concluded present Contract public offers to provide consulting services in the field training ( hereinafter — the Agreement ) on the following terms :

1.1. The main concepts and definitions of terms that  are used in the Agreement :
1.1.1. Public offer ( offer ) – an offer Executor ( laid out on his internet pages https://euquality.org addressed to an unlimited number of people according to Art. 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, conclude an agreement with him on the terms specified therein.
1.1.2. The Internet page is the official web page Performer in the network Internet, which is located at: https://euquality.org and is the source informing The customer ( hereinafter – the site) and her derivatives
1.1.3. Acceptance ( acceptance proposals ) – complete and unconditional adoption The customer of the terms of the Public offers ( offers ) set forth herein Agreement, by filling the corresponding application ( form ) on the Internet page Contractor and/ or 100% of the cost services
The contract is concluded customer with the help of public acceptance the offer is valid by Art. 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and is equated to a contract concluded by the Parties in writing form  When submitting an application ( filling the necessary form ) and/ or implementing full or partial payment by the Customer is considered to be such that familiar with and agree to the terms this one public offers
1.1.4. A contract is a transaction within the meaning of Art. 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and the accession agreement according to Part 1 of Art. 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, which regulates mutual relations between The Customer and the Executor in the process of granting the last consulting services in the field training, provided if he has such opportunities.
This The contract is official public a proposal Executor to any The customer about providing consulting services in the field training on conditions public offers ( offers ) from the moment of its acceptance ( acceptance offers ) by the Customer.
1.1.5. Consulting services in the field training, which consist in providing informational, consulting, and other services, a list ( types, conditions, cost ) of which defined on the site Executor ( https://euquality.org and his derivatives ) which opens to the public familiarization and free access of the Customer.
1.1.6. Additional services are other services that can be provided Executor based on individual contracts

Registration provides the previous election The customer of the type and forms participation ( for example, a package) according to the list given on the website Executor and subsequent payment of the cost services  The fact of applying to the website means that the  Customer confirms his acceptance of public offers ( offers ) to join this Agreement, familiarized with its content completely agrees with everyone him conditions, provides permission for processing, use their data and entered into it knowingly without any coercion this Contract. The duty gets acquainted with full conditions granting services and conditions of this Agreement rests with the Customer.

2.1. For the Customer confirmation full and unconditional acceptance is the payment of the selected package of services.
2.2. Contract is considered concluded from the moment of receipt Executor weekends data from Customer, full ( partial by agreement Executor ) of payment of the cost services specified on the website or committing other actions that indicate consent perform terms of the Agreement.
Execution of the Agreement in the form of individual written documents is not required. The contract has legal force by Art. 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and is equivalent to the Agreement signed by the Parties.
2.3. Customer provides consent to comply with the terms of the Agreement and consent to get services on established Executor conditions from the moment of the provision of weekends data and payment for services.
2.4. Laying Agreement, the Customer automatically agrees to the full and unconditional acceptance provisions of the Agreement, in particular, regarding cost participation in the Training.
2.5. Each Party guarantees another To the side that owns necessary legal capacity, but equal with all the rights and powers necessary and sufficient for conclusion and execution of this Agreement by its terms. All the terms of the Agreement are binding for the Parties.
2.6. A person who does not agree with the terms of the Agreement can not be a Party to it and must abstain from registration for participation in the Training. The person who accepted the Agreement confirms their familiarization and agreement with all conditions of this Agreement and is considered The customer according to his provisions
2.7. Customers may be to familiarize themselves at any time from terms of the Agreement on the website Executor and obligee follow up information from the site, in particular, for familiarization from important information concerning participation in the Training, which can periodically enter Executor.

3.1. The executor, according to the terms of this Agreement, as well as the information specified on the site, is obliged to provide a range of services from software receiving a set of awards, selected By the customer, and the customer undertakes to accept and pay these services in scope and conditions defined this Agreement and the information specified on the website of the chosen one set
3.2. general conditions and procedure of provision Services are installed legislation of Ukraine, this Agreement and information posted on the website.
3.3. Under the set of services under this Agreement the Parties understand receiving the reward package specified on the website Executor.

4.1 . For receipt and use of Services foreseen under this Agreement, the Customer is obliged to read the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the information on the website.

4.1.1. choose conditions adoption participation (choose a package)

4.1.2. make payment (including commission).
4.2 . After payment Customer is obliged to :
4.2.1 . Fill in the award information:
— surname, first name ;
— email address mail to which trace to send electronic award pact ;
— contact telephone number.
4.3. If To the executor necessary additional information, he has the right to demand it is at the Customers. In case of failure to provide necessary information to Customer, Executor has the right to refuse To the customer in receiving awards.
4.4. The performer does not carry responsibility for content and authenticity information provided by The customer when filling out the award information. Performer reserves the right to carry out record telephone conversations from The customer and protocol progress data filling, as well as, has the right freely use received information in case occurrence possible controversial situations.
4.5. Customer carries personal responsibility for the authenticity of the information provided by him when filling out the award information.
4.6. Change data The customer after passage procedures verification possible by agreement only from Executor. Performer reserves the right to establish and collect additional payment for conducting such changes in case of necessity
4.7. In case, if The customer cannot for any reason get rewards paid funds to return subject to according to agreement Parties.
4.8. Performer has the right to suspend or fully stop production and transfer of awards without notice, in case achievement of the limit quantity Customers on a separate date, change the delivery time, which is not considered essential changes to the terms of the Agreement and does not entail penalties sanctions.
4.9. Request The customer is automatically canceled if he was at the time of filling out the award information provided inaccurate and/ or false or unreliable data  In case of cancellation request for the reasons specified herein clauses of the Agreement, monetary funds are subject to return but do not include tax personal losses and expenses materials prepared for the Customer.
4.10. After filling in the award information Customer receives an electronic e-mail specified in it, confirmation of successfully received data.
4.11. From the survey is considered registered, if he duly performed conditions by clause 4.2 of the Agreement.
4.12. The performer does not carry responsibility for any additional costs associated with training  The customer before receiving awards ( if these services are not specified in the package ).
4.13. Registered Customers do not have the right to transfer ( sell ) their right to receive awards to third parties without prior notice agreement with the Executor.
4.14. Performer reserves the right to refuse production of the reward package to the customer, without explaining the reasons for this refusal
4.15. The performer does not carry responsibility for delays, postponement, or canceling the production of the reward package in case of ” unfavorable weather conditions” or ” extraordinary situations “. Definition of ” unfavorable weather conditions” and ” extraordinary situations ” belongs exclusively to the competent Executor. At the same time, monetary funds received from Customers are returning.

    5.1. Customer has the right to:
    5.1.1. Get services under the conditions and in the order provided in this Agreement.
    5.1.2. Require from Executor proper implementation of their obligations under this Agreement.
    5.1.3. Get a set of award symbols by the terms of the Agreement and the chosen type of participation (package).
    5.1.4. Use additional services Executor, in case their availability, according to the information posted on the website.
    5.1.5. Notify The performer about his wishes, suggestions, and comments on granting services
    5.1.6. By own desire to participate, or refuse from receiving awards, on terms defined this Agreement and/ or additional one’s conditions proposed Executor.
    5.2. Customer obliged :
    5.2.1. To perform properly assumed obligations under this Agreement.
    5.2.2. Accept and pay provided Executor services in order and on terms defined in this Agreement.
    5.2.3. To familiarize yourself with the list of services that are provided By the executor, the conditions their providing, and in case occurrence of additional questions – contact the Contractor for additional information.
    5.2.4. Steadily comply with the terms of this Agreement, safety rules, and others requirements that  Of course are discussed when providing such services.
    5.2.5. To use services personally, not to transfer ( sell ) the rights obtained under this Agreement to third parties.
    5.2.6. On time and in full volumes pay for additional services, in case of detection desire to use them.
    5.2. 7 . Carry material and moral liability for damage and losses To the executor, his representatives, staff, or other persons and their property.
    5.3. Performer has the right to:
    5.3.1. Require from The customer proper and complete implementation of assumed obligations under this Agreement.
    5.3.2. Get timely and in the full amount of payment for services.
    5.3.3. Require from The customer reimbursement material and moral damage in case of task losses To the executor, his property, or to other persons
    5.3. 4 . Unilaterally refuse from the implementation of this Agreement, or suspend his performance subject to availability reasons consider that granting services maybe cause damage to the Customer or to cause others unfavorable for himself or the third person consequences  Parties agreed that non -fulfillment of the Agreement ( its stoppage ) under such circumstances will be considered the Customer’s fault without further ado onset negative consequences and responsibility for the Contractor.
    5.3. 5 . Change unilaterally conditions of this Agreement, as well as cost services, have placed information on the website.
    5.3. 6. Without consent from The customer independently set and cancel various discounts, marketing shares, benefits, establish discount programs, etc.
    5.3. 7. To be safe and effective in granting services, demand from The customer provision of any information and documents that have relation to providing services under this Agreement ( including financial, medical, etc. ).
    5.4. Performer obliged :
    5.4.1. Give To the customer services according to the conditions of this Agreement.
    5.4.2. After making payment and filling out the award information By the customer, send to him by email the mail indicated during registration is required information for proper receiving services by the terms of this Agreement.
    5.4.3. Notify   The customer about everything promotions, discounts, and changes to the terms of the Agreement by placement corresponding information on the website.
    5.4. 4 . Provide receiving The customer awards on terms of this Agreement.
    5.4.6. Performer provides To the customer complete and reliable information about conditions receiving awards, including information about companions goods that can be purchased during the award ceremony, and if available if possible, place it on the website.

    6.1. Cost services under this Agreement are established according to the chosen one The customer of the type of services (package) indicated on the website.
    6.2. Payment for Services is carried out By the customer in the amount of 100% or otherwise size from cost selected type of services (package).
    6.3. Payments are carried out based on this Agreement for settlement account ( card number ) of the Performer through the bank, payment terminals, commercial agent, cash, or in another way, if necessary, according to the previous one in agreement with the Executor.
    6.4. Funds paid to The customer by this Agreement are not subject to return, except in cases provided for this Agreement or an additional one consistency Parties.
    6.5. Performer has the right to change unilaterally cost services
    6.6. Not allowed to change Executor cost services that  already paid to The customer in full volumes
    6.7. Obligation Customer for payment of services is considered performed since receipt money funds for settlement score Executor.
    6.8. Acceptance of provided services is provided by the Parties signing the relevant act ( acts ) provided services ( hereinafter – the Act).
    6.9. The act is signed by the Parties for three workers days from the moment of actual provision of services  Duty obtaining the Act for its signature depends on the Customer.
    6.10. In case the Parties have not signed the Act within the period specified in Clause 6.9 of the Agreement, then it is considered that the Act has been signed by the Parties and the Customer does not have any claims to the Executor of received services under the Agreement.

    7.1. This contract is considered concluded from the moment of acceptance The customer corresponding offer (acceptance) and acts to the full and proper fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the Parties if otherwise not indicated on the website Executor.
    7.2. In case of violation of the terms of the Agreement with parties Customer, Contract may be prematurely discontinued/discontinued The executor unilaterally without return paid funds At the same time, to the customer services are considered provided in full to the extent and in an appropriate manner.
    7.3. Executor can be entered changes and additions to the Agreement by posting corresponding information on the website. The customer obliged to follow the changes posted on the site and visit his

    8.1. For failure to comply or inappropriate implementation obligations under this Agreement the Parties carry responsibility according to the current international law.
    8.2. The parties do not bear liability for violations of their obligations under this Agreement if it wasn’t their fault. The party is considered not guilty if it proves that used everyone the necessary measures for proper implementation of his obligations under this Agreement.
    8.3. The performer does not carry responsibility in case committing actions/inaction the third persons, due to whose The performer could not perform your obligations under this Agreement.
    8.4. Customer carries independent and personal responsibility for one’s own life and health.
    8.5. The performer does not carry responsibility for damage caused life and health of the Customer, for damage to the Customer’s property actions the third person, or by the actions of the Customer himself.
    8.6. In case causing material damage to the Contractor’s property, damage or loss of property due to the fault of the Customer, the latter is obliged to compensate To the executor full cost of applied damage
    8.7. The customer must take care of the preservation of their personal belongings. The performer does not carry responsibility for the preservation personal belongings of the Customer.
    8.10. All of the disputed situations, disputes, and disagreements that arose in connection with the conclusion or fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement are subject to solution through negotiations. If the Parties did not reach during the negotiations agree, everyone disputed relations are decided by the established judicial procedure legislation of Ukraine.

    9.1. Parties are released from responsibility for partial or complete failure obligations under this contract if it non -compliance was the consequence of actions or circumstances irresistible forces (force majeure circumstances ), that arose after the conclusion of this contract and made it impossible implementation obligations by the terms of this contract. Such circumstances in particular, but not limited to, include extraordinary situations of man-made, natural, or ecological nature, accidents in power supply systems, destruction of these systems, caused, in particular, by earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc., lasted absence of electricity and Internet connection from independent from sides of the reasons, military actions, mutiny, strike, mass riots, riots, and others illegal actions, fire, anti-terrorist operations. Other natural disasters, war, military actions, uncontrolled, illegal actions and deeds vandalism the third persons, revolutionary actions, public riots, acts or actions state administration bodies, adoption of legal or subordinates acts that directly affect the opportunity fulfillment of the terms of this contract by the parties, and any others extraordinary circumstances.
    9.2. About the beginning, possible duration, and termination acts of force majeure circumstances, Parties notify each other immediately, but no later than the 3rd day after their onset ( termination ), and provide documents that force majeure is confirmed. Notification of the onset and termination of force majeure circumstances must be sent by letter, message to social media network, electronic by mail, or by courier with confirmation obtained by the relevant Party of such notification.
    9.3. Parties agreed that in the case occurrence of the circumstances provided for in Clause 9.1 of the Agreement, term implementation obligations under this contract are transferred for some time, during whose acted these circumstances and the consequences.
    9.4. If force majeure circumstances and their effects continue to act for more than six months, Parties in the shortest terms should conduct negotiations with the purpose of discovery acceptable to both Parties alternative ways the fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement and achievement of relevant agreements.

    10.1. Customer guarantees that all terms of the Agreement to him he also understood accepts their definitely and in full volume, without any conditions, withdrawals, and reservations.
    10.2. In case it is not settled this Agreement, the Parties undertake to be guided by the established norms valid international law.
    10. 3 . Parties give each other consent for processing and storage of personal data which become known to them, in connection with the conclusion of this Agreement, within the limits in which it necessary by the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.
    10. 3 . Parties undertake in writing notify each other in cases changes places finding, banking or others props within 3 ( three ) working days  from the moment of onset such changes
    10. 5 . Parties agreed, that all messages sent by the Parties to each other ‘s e-mail addresses have legal force and are accepted by the Parties without objection.
    10. 6 . Additional services can be provided Executor To the customer based on individual contracts
    10. 7 . All of the legal relationships that arise from this Agreement or are related to him, including being related from validity, conclusion, performance, change and termination of this Agreement, interpretation of its conditions, definition consequences invalidity or violations of the Agreement are regulated this Agreement and the corresponding norms in force in the legislation, as well as applicable to such legal relations customs business turnover based on principles good faith, reasonableness, and justice.
    10. 8 . Customer confirms that he familiarized in full volumes with their rights and obligations foreseen this Agreement, services that will be provided under this Agreement, as well as with rights and obligations defined by the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights “.
    10. 9 . Parties certify that this Contract signed in complete the Parties ‘ understanding of its terms and terminology from compliance everyone general requirements that are necessary for validity deed according to the current legislation of Ukraine.
    10.1 0. Exclusive rights to objects’ intellectual property, which arise or they can arise in the process of granting services belong to the Contractor.

    10.1 1 . All materials that are transmitted Executor The customer has the results of intellectual property Executor. The customer has the right to use such facilities for personal and commercial purposes goals.